H Design Hotel Kasteel Coevorden consists of two buildings situated close to each other – the more than 1000 year old Castle and the one hundred year old Warehouse ‘De Vlijt’. Both buildings are designed with the comfort of our guests in mind, but each has its own purpose. The castle houses all our bustling activities while the old warehouse is a place for quiet and a good night’s rest.

H Design Hotels is concerned with the well-being and satisfaction of our guests. To accommodate that we have chosen an informal atmosphere in the castle. Our lobby is designed to reflect the comfort of a living room and this feeling extends into the design of our dining room. We have chosen a mix of modern and contemporary furniture within the setting of the historic castle. Special attention was paid to the classical touch by choosing natural materials such as wood, leather and marble. When you check in with us, you do not have to stand at a formal reception, but instead we invite you to sit at a desk in our living room. We like to keep in mind all of your personal preferences, one example of which is that we fill your minibar specifically to your wishes.

At Kasteel Coevorden our guests are central to all our activities. This is also reflected in our menu, which offers a variety of possibilities, from an informal Castle Burger to a 5-course menu. In our lounge ‘Don Jon’ you find our ‘Kastelein’ menu, which offers a mix of classic and modern eating. Here, we offer our High Tea but also burgers and salads. Our restaurant provides a more formal setting where you can enjoy a more expanded menu. Alternatively, you can choose a menu specifically put together by our headchef. Finally, you have the option of private dining in one of our unique rooms, such as the ‘Bovenste Camer’.